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original frame a bearWith this unique and first of it’s kind trend, fashion becomes your bear’s best friend.

Frame A BEAR is changing the industry of the teddy bear forever!

The life of the Frame A BEAR lives on to remind people to have faith in themselves and to live a fun, healthy, and expressive lifestyle by integrating people’s happy spirit in their everyday lives!  Styles come and go, but self-expression through modesty will last forever!

Unfolded is the best kept fashion secret… Where no outfits are unbearable or alike!

Dress to impress! Let your bear indicate the importance you have to the people in your life. Dress your bear with memories that never fade away.  Memories of friends, family, success, and relationships and notice your bear’s style… The way you design it to be!  It will not only fit in forever… but stand out wherever you go!

How often have you wanted to give a gift that gets to the core of that special someone, but you haven’t found that special something? Have no Fear… You’re destination is here… and it’s a click away!

Frame A BEAR is a handmade creation that captures heartfelt memories.  Never let your life experiences and adventures go forgotten. When words don’t do justice, BEAR IN MIND that Frame A Bear‘s do… Why? A picture is worth a thousand words!  Each bear is wrapped up in pictures of life’s most profound moments… we want this to look clear so please refrain from sending lower quality images.  Click Here to Order Now.