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Upload your Pictures

Our Original Frame A BEAR is perfect for all occasions!!

Collage a Bear with all of your favorite pictures of family & friends, sports teams, businesses, even your pets. Customized teddy bears made with a little TLC!

We try to make this process as easy as possible so we have some of the greatest graphic designers to transform your most precious moments into an unbelievable BEAR that you’ll cherish forever. Just upload the correct number of pictures and we’ll handle the rest!

We ask for at least 25-30 pictures to be sure we can frame the best looking bear possible.

Please use original pictures!

Pictures that are taken off most social media sites tend to have less quality than if you were to send your original images.  We will do our best to enhance your pictures to look as bright, clear, and vibrant as possible.


We have a wide selection of fur and frame colors to fit any occasion.  With the combination of our fur and elegant lace you can frame yourself one of the best teddy bears ever created!  Start framing yours today!  Click Here to Order Now.